Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who I Am...

My name is Linda, and I'm a homeschooling mom to five kids in central Nebraska.  We raise kids and lots of different animals on our homestead.  The kids have driven most of the livestock adventures as they seem to believe they each need to raise their own species.  Here are just a few of the kinds of animals we raise:

Lionhead rabbits

California rabbits

Jacob sheep lamb

Jersey dairy heifer

Jacob sheep lamb

Anacona duck with ducklings

Our 13yr old with his new Jacob ram.  We drove to Oregon to bring this fellow home!

Ruby, one of our Saanen dairy goats 

Three little hogs -- Hereford Hogs

Ruby and her twin kid

We've homeschooled all of our children's lives, and now that our oldest is 13 and nearing high school age, we're exploring our options to find the best education for him as he moves into this new phase of his life.  Honestly, I never considered public school an option, but since he has always been homeschooled, he's curious about it.  Rather than dismiss it out of hand, we're investigating the two public schools nearest to us and are including them in our consideration of what will be the best high school experience for him.

We initially approached homeschooling from a classical approach.  While we still retain some classical methods, we've become much more eclectic.  We use some Charlotte Mason methods, and I find that I'm moving ever closer to an unschooling approach.  I never saw that one coming!

This blog is my attempt to document our journey to high school for our oldest child.

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